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    Daniel's opinion when buying your trip with Mexico Destinations
    Excellent travel agency hire several tours in Mexico City and Acapulco, it's a shame that the latter was not possible due to the weather conditions (they reimbursed me for the money), all were wonderful tour and guides ... Highly recommended and 100% reliable thank you very much for everything ....Daniel Salazar, from Ecuador
    Dany's opinion when buying your trip with Mexico Destinations
    Just arriving from my trip to Chiapas and I only recommend the tours and the hotel were excellent, everything perfect without surprises or complications, I will travel again with you, thank you very much for your attention!Dany Gonzalez, from Cancun
    Fernando's opinion when booking his trip with Mexico Destinations
    Excellent weekend experience in Isla Mujeres, the hotel very well located at a very affordable price. That is an excellent option for those of us who live in the area and be able to enjoy our paradise. The agency was always on the lookout, thank you very much ...Fernando Rendón Arjona, from Cancun
    Milton view when booking your trip with Mexico Destinations
    Thank you very much for all the attention and services that were offered during our vacation in Mexico. The truth is that every tour we took was always a trip of great moments and conviviality and I am sure that I would return and recommend your company congratulations for everything and again many thanks from me and my wifeMilton De la Cruz, from Mazatlan
    Opción of Octavio when booking your trip with Mexico Destinations
    Thank you very much for all the attention (in both trips) everything promised and paid was complied, likewise the service and disposition were of 10 !!!! regardsOctavio A. Chilpa, from Mexico City
    Frank's opinion when buying your trip with Mexico Destinations
    Recommended travel agency and thanks to Francisco's attentionFrank Lire, of Mexico City
    Lili's opinion when buying your trip with Mexico Destinations
    This weekend make the trip so expected and exciting!
    Cancun made with all the help and support of México Destinos and especially with the attention of Ms. Bide. Thank you to each of you all for making this dream come true. I recommend them Widely reliable.Lili Crisostomo Torres, from Coyoacán, Federal District

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