The Top 10 Mexican Songs of all Time

Trying to put a list of the “best Mexican songs” would be very difficult and an endless mission, that’s why we only selected 10 famous and traditional Mexican songs that most represent Mexico, one of them and that undoubtedly should be in our Top Ten was the most sung and listened to during the Fifa World Cups by thousands of Mexicans.

Do you already know which one I refer to? If you have been in Mexico during a Soccer World Cup I’m sure you do, but let’s start with this fun list of popular and traditional Mexican songs…

1. Cielito Lindo y Querido

If you have been in Mexico during a World Cup and were attentive, you already know that this popular song is the most sung during Mexico’s matches in the World Cup and it is one of the best-known Mexican songs in the world.

Obviously we could not leave it until the end because it is a song that distinguishes Mexico and that when Mexican people hear it anywhere I think most of us want to put on our charro hat or green shirt and sing so loudly:

¡Ay, ay, ay, ay canta y no llores porque cantando se alegran cielito lindo los corazones!

Some interesting facts about this song are: that it is one of the informal symbols of Mexico, it was created by the Mexican author Quirino Mendoza y Cortés inspired by his wife.

It is a song sung by several prominent artists, the song that cannot be missing in the world cups and some international events. Is also the inspiration for some brand names and companies such as Cielito Café.

Do you know it? I invite you to listen to it now:

2. México Lindo y Querido

In place number 2 of famous Mexican songs, we have this song that is listened to very often throughout the country, especially in September (the month of the Mexican Independence), because it is a song that makes us feel proud of being Mexican.

It reminds us that Mexico has so many beautiful landscapes that you will not be able to find in other countries, as well as the countless traditions that exist around Mexico.

Some interesting facts about this song are: it is a song known in many countries and more in the American continent, it was created in 1921 by Moreliano Chucho Monge, but it became famous thanks to the artist and actor Jorge Negrete.

Surely all the Mexicans that live in another country feel some nostalgia for being far from their homeland when they listen to this song.

And well, I leave the song here:

3. Mi Ciudad

This song is listened to a lot, more often in the center of the country, because it was inspired by Mexico City, some may know the lyrics and when they sing it, are filled with emotion and pride, but others have simply heard it from Luis Miguel.

Although let me tell you that this song was made by a great artist born in Mérida, Yucatán.

Let’s see, so why create a song inspired by Mexico City and not where he was born (Mérida)? Well, it’s simple, because José Alfonso Ontiveros Carrillo, better known as Guadalupe Trigo, lived most of his life in Mexico City, in a few words since he was a child, that’s why he became fond of this city, as they say, the artist who fell in love with his people.

We have currently heard it from many artists, among them are: María de Lourdes, Lola Beltrán, Vicente Fernández, and the artist that I have personally heard this song the most is Luis Miguel, until now the last one who has released an album with this song.

4. El Son de la Negra

For national holidays this is one of the most listened to and danced songs throughout Mexico by different folk dance groups. 

It is also one of the most representative of Mexico in the world because not only its song but also the dance is well known, and the costumes used are so beautiful and colorful that they hint at the diversity, traditions and customs that our country has.

Some interesting facts about this popular song are that it was composed by Blas Galindo in 1940, born in Jalisco; the song was presented for the first time during the Mexican music program; It is also said that it was a song composed during the time of the Independence of Mexico.

Listen to the Son de la Negra, a song and dance known throughout the world:

5. Bésame Mucho

This song could not be missing from our list because it was and continues to be a popular song not only in Mexico but almost all over the world, many of us have heard and sung it and we have even seen it in movies where Pedro Infante performs it.

But surely there is something that perhaps you did not know: that this song has been so successful that many famous artists have sung it, from national to international, such as The Beatles, Ana Gabriel, Zoé, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Elvis Presley, Thalia and many more.

Another interesting fact about this song is that it has been performed in different languages; also that it was written by the Mexican composer Consuelito Velázquez in 1940 and recorded by the Mexican Emilio Tuero, who was the one who gave this beautiful and romantic song true success, from that moment it exploded all over the world and various artists began to sing it.

In addition, this song has sometimes been used to serenade the bride or vice versa due to its romanticism and soft sensuality, performed from majestic orchestras to a simple guitar, a song that we identify only by listening to the pure melody.

True or not, does it deserve to be on our list?

Get comfortable and listen to the most romantic song in Mexico.

6. El Huapango de Moncayo

El Huapango de Moncayo is a song that premiered in 1941 at the Palace of Fine Arts, it is considered the second Mexican National Anthem.

It was composed by José Pablo Moncayo, who was based on the traditional rhythms of Huapango from Veracruz.

It is used a lot in official acts as well as in promotions about tourism in Mexico like the one I present to you below, Take a seat and enjoy it!

7. Canción Mixteca

The song says where mexicans come from and where we are.

The song that gives goosebumps to those who are far from their land, but who never forget.

It doesn’t need an introduction, just listen to it and remember:

8. Guadalajara

In honor of the lands of Jalisco but with more representation of one of its beautiful cities “Guadalajara”.

With its lyrics you can realize with how much love and dedication it was created, a song that, like the previous ones, is listened to very often in September, as well as sometimes this theme is prepared to give presentations of folk dances.

Some interesting facts about this song are: that it was composed and written a little over half a century ago (in 1954) by Pepe Guizar, it was so successful in Mexico and around the world that the famous artist Elvis Presley interpreted it, in fact, the slogan for the city of Guadalajara “La Ciudad de Las Rosas” was born from the same song.

9. El Sinaloense

Just like the previous song from Guadalajara that was composed and written in honor of their beautiful land, also the Sinaloans were not left behind and composed their song in honor of their beautiful city because they carry the big party in their souls. 

“El Sinaloense” is a song that when listening to it makes us proud of what we have in Mexico and even more so if you are in another country or outside your homeland “Sinaloa”, this song is very catchy and makes you want to tap your feet, is a hymn for this city because as the song says:

I am from mere Sinaloa, where the waves break!

A curious fact that you may not have known is that this song was sung for the first time in a nightclub in Guadalajara, just over half a century ago, and it was so successful that time that the same people asked for the same song over and over again.

El Sinaloense, the song that has crossed borders.

10. El Rey

I think that every Mexican has sung El Rey at some point, with a few shots of Tequila on top because it is one of the most favorite songs of many Mexicans, its lyrics make us feel the Mexican “pride”.

Whether we have heard it from José Alfredo Jiménez, Vicente Fernández, Luis Miguel or some other artist, whatever your favorite artist is, it is worth putting it on our list.

This song was written by the famous singer-songwriter José Alfredo Jiménez who was the first to sing “El Rey”, then it was performed by Pedro Vargas and later by the famous Mexican Charro Vicente Fernández. It is very well known in other countries.

And so far our list of the Most Representative Songs of Mexico has ended, but there is no doubt that there are more and more songs that we can continue to include in this list, just to mention a few that you have surely heard at some point are: the famous song of La Cucaracha, Las Mañanitas Mexicanas, La Culebra, El Jarabe Tapatío, Allá en el Rancho Grande, Cucurrucucú Paloma, Amorcito Corazón, La Bikina and many more that, as I said, we would not finish.

Well, I think that with these songs that we have heard, it seems like a shot of Tequila or some Mexican drink is craving, right?

I hope you liked this Top Ten, so if you throw a party commemorating the national month, you already know what songs you should play or ask the Mariachi to celebrate with all your heart and joyfully shout ¡Viva México!

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