Cheap Tickets to Xcaret: How and where to buy them

One of the most frequent questions we get is where can I get cheap tickets to Xcaret? But this is not a question that has one answer, it will depend on how you want to enjoy your visit to one of the best parks in the Riviera Maya.

And in this post, we will share some tips that we are sure will help you find the best price online without hurting your wallet in your next vacation to Mexico.

To begin with, it is necessary to be well informed of everything that implies the decision to buy only your tickets or a complete Tour to Xcaret based only on the price.

TIP: One good trick is booking the tickets with some wholesale operators like CancunRide that brings you additional discount from the official rate, you can check details here.

So read this post carefully to discover the best way to buy Xcaret tickets:

Take into account that Xcaret Park is located 74 kilometers south of the Cancun Airport, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, the road trip depending on driving and traffic from Cancun is approximately one hour, here you can find some great tips to visit Xcaret.

Can I get there on my own and buy Xcaret tickets at the park?

Yes you can, but to understand better how it works you need to know that there are 2 main options:

-Buy the Xcaret Tour (that includes transportation provided by Xcaret or another Tour Operator)

-Buy the Xcaret Entrance and arrange the transportation to get to the park

Transportation from Cancun to Xcaret Park

1. Rent a car to Xcaret

You can take this option if you have good road driving, have a license and an international credit card such as VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express, since they ask for it as a requirement for car rental in Cancun.

In this case, wherever you are, you can get to Xcaret Park on your own. We recommend you use Google Maps and study the route before your trip to see which points you are going to pass as well as the fuel you are going to need and the location of gas stations.

Once you are on the highway is very easy to get to Xcaret Park because there are no curves or confusing intersections, is a straight road.

Take into account that the liter of gasoline is approximately 1.2 USD, but fortunately, in the entire Riviera Maya there are no toll booths.

When renting a car you can buy the tickets directly at the park and decide according to your budget and needs if you want to buy the Xcaret Plus Package (which is detailed later) or just the entrance ticket.

I don’t recommend to buy Xcaret tickets at the park, of course you can do it but the con is that if you buy them there you can’t compare options and you will pay the normal public rate.

2. Buses to Xcaret

From the ADO bus terminal in downtown Cancun or from Playa del Carmen terminal, some buses take you to Xcaret Park. We recommend you check the schedules on the website:

These buses have limited space and only have 3 departures a day, so if you plan to opt for this modality, we recommend you buy your round-trip tickets in advance. 

Take into account that the activities in Xcaret Park end around 10 pm, so if you plan to stay for the “México Espectacular” Night Show (highly recommended) choose to buy the return tickets at the last available time.

3. Taxi to Xcaret

It doesn’t really matter how far you are from Xcaret, this is normally the most expensive option to get to Xcaret Park.

There are no established rates, the reality is that they are subject to the criteria of each taxi driver, so we would not recommend it. 

But on average, the least it can cost you is 110 USD leaving Cancun or 20 USD leaving Playa del Carmen.

As a recommendation, if you choose to take a taxi, ask the taxi driver how much he charges you in dollars before you take it so that you have a clearer reference and if it suits you, go ahead.

4. Uber to Xcaret

At the time of writing this post, the UBER transportation service is not very available in the State of Quintana Roo.

Is not officially forbidden but there are just a few drivers so is very difficult to get one at a decent price.

In any case, those who have already used this platform surely know how it works and that the cost depends on the demand that exists at the time of the request.

5. Other transportation options

Is there public transportation from Cancun or Playa del Carmen to Xcaret? From the center of Cancun, some vans are regularly used by local people to move to the Riviera Maya to go to work, but they also pass in front of Xcaret Park.

There are several stops, one of them in front of the ADO bus terminal, some only go to Playa del Carmen, but ask for those that go to Tulum. The cost is approximately 80-100 pesos per person.

Some vans do not leave you at the Xcaret park ticket offices, but on the road and there you will have to cross and walk to the ticket offices. Be very careful when crossing.

Maybe this is the cheapest option to get to Xcaret but not so much to return, in that case, we would recommend you choose to return by ADO.

The same happens in Playa del Carmen, ask the local people for the location of the terminals of the vans to Tulum as there are several.

Walking or cycling?  We don’t have references of someone who has reached the park on foot, since it is located halfway on the Riviera Maya.

As for cycling, it is probably possible to do it, but take into account that inside Xcaret Park you will do many activities and from my point of view it is better to save energy to swim in the rivers, walk through the aviary, swim, explore, etc. besides that going out by bike at night and going on the road tired is risky.

Types of Tickets to Xcaret Park

Now that you know how to get to XCARET, it’s time to learn about the types of tickets offered by this park in the Riviera Maya.

Many times people get confused when comparing prices for what is apparently cheaper and in the end, they end up paying more since it did not fit their plans:

Xcaret Basic Ticket

This is the cheapest ticket.

What does the basic entrance to Xcaret include?

  • Tours in three underground rivers (includes security bag during the tour).
  • “Xcaret México Espectacular” Night Show.
  • Access to the beach, the cove and natural pools.
  • Visits to the Coral Reef Aquarium, the Butterfly Garden and the Aviary.
  • “Mundo de Niños”, a fun space just for the little ones.
  • Equestrian Show, Voladores de Papantla and Pre-Hispanic Dances.
  • Rainforest trail.
  • Life jackets and floating tires.
  • Lounge chairs, hammocks and rest areas.
  • Restrooms, dressing rooms and showers.
  • Other services (WiFi, ATMs and shops).
  • Free parking.

Xcaret Plus Ticket

It includes the basic ticket and also:

  • Access to the Plus Area (dressing rooms, bathrooms and private lockers).
  • A buffet meal with a beer included (coffee and unlimited fresh water during your consumption).

It is recommended if you want to eat well since the food is buffet style and drinks are included during your consumption.

In theory, access to food and drinks is not allowed in the park, but apparently they are not so strict and I have seen that lately people have been allowed to enter with some food and drinks, but be careful: I do not promise that it will continue like this.

Xcaret Total Ticket

To everything you already have with the Xcaret Plus ticket, this type of ticket includes an additional activity. You can choose between Adrenaline, Snuba ® Bahía or Sea Trek ®.

For example, this is the Adrenaline activity

Xcaret Night Ticket

This ticket allows you to enjoy Xcaret from 4pm, which is when most of the water activities end and the park is impregnated with a special aroma of copal. Pre-Hispanic dances announce the arrival of the night and several surprises that you will surely love.

But it all culminates with the incredible presentation at the Gran Tlaxco theater with the Vive Xcaret de Noche show, a show with more than 300 artists and considered among the best in Mexico. You can not miss it!

Note: Xcaret Basic and Plus already include the night show.

TIPS In the Xcaret Basic, Plus and Night tickets:

  • Children under 4 years old enter free. From 5 to 11 years old pay half of the adult ticket (in both cases it is essential to present identification at the park ticket offices).
  • Children under 12 years of age with a height greater than 1.40 m must also present identification to prove their age.
  • Snorkel equipment rental is $10.99 USD (requires a refundable deposit of $25 USD) per person.

So, how to get cheap tickets to Xcaret?

You already saw that two things influence the price:

  • How do you get there
  • The type of ticket you buy

Also if you are staying in one of the Xcaret Hotels you get free entrance to the parks, check more info in the Xcaret Hotels Post.

Finally, and what defines who sells you cheaper, is who you buy it with and here are the two of the best options online:

Xcaret Experiences Official Website

On the Experiencias Xcaret website you can obviously buy your tickets online. There are discounts depending on how far in advance you buy them.

Prices may vary according to whether you add food, transportation or any additional activity. Link:

MexicoDestinos Travel Agency is a travel agency in Cancun and has been offering good discounts on tickets to Xcaret for many years, both for Mexicans and foreigners.

TIP? At you can book Xcaret tickets with a downpayment and the rest in installments

One of the benefits that offers travelers is that you can book your tickets to Xcaret and freeze the rates with a downpayment and the rest with monthly installments without interest and thus save until you pay off the total so that it does not affect your wallet. With this option when traveling you do not have to worry about disbursing a large amount.

If you want to compare and take advantage of these benefits, book online on or call from anywhere in the world at + 52 (55) 4742 1159 for more information.

Now that you know all this, I'm sure you'll be able to decide better who to buy with, what type of ticket is best for you and even how to get there so that, at the end of the day, you get cheap tickets to Xcaret according to your plans and not the price.

The price of the tickets to Xcaret can be higher or lower depending on who you buy it with even if it is the same type of benefit, but there is not much difference, so be careful if someone offers you tickets to Xcaret at a price that is really very low because you can be scammed since in hotels and on the streets there will be people who are offering them to you. It is best to buy on trusted pages and in advance.

Enjoy Xcaret and Mexico!

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