Vacation rentals in Mexico: 5 Tips to find the best one

Are you thinking of traveling and booking vacation rentals in Mexico seems like a good option for you? Do not miss this post, with some useful tips to find the most suitable one for you…

Some people have long preferred a house over a hotel, among the reasons for this we find: the price and comfort for a large family, privacy, space, kitchen, tradition, sharing spaces with other friendly families, etc.

Opting for vacation homes sometimes means enjoying rest in a more controlled space, with less exposure to people outside the family group and where care measures can continue to be maintained necessary in times of pandemic.

This new reason made many travelers think and be encouraged to rent a house, and platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, or Booking are gaining more popularity; if this is your case, you will need some tips to make a good choice…

How to choose a vacation home in Mexico?

Choosing a place to rest is very personal and everyone has their own tricks, but leaving tastes aside, you have to consider certain actions that will help you to be effective when searching among so many vacation homes in different destinations of Mexico regardless if you use Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking or any other vacation rental service/platform.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Find out about the location

When considering where to book your stay, it is important to gather as much information as you can about the area in which the vacation home is located.

In general, downtown, the vicinity of the sea, the lake, or the main tourist attraction are the most chosen areas, but also the most expensive; perhaps it is a good idea to choose one of that options because they usually offer all the comforts and services that tourists need.

However, maybe you want to save a little more and look for something in the surrounding areas; if that is your idea, it is good to look for local references for the neighborhood or chosen area, in addition to analyzing available means of transport, supermarkets, security, among other important items to stay and not jeopardize the tranquility of your stay. Most turistic cities in Mexico like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Mexico City, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, etc are pretty safe, but as in any city, certain zones are better to avoid.

In this aspect, it is good to know how to use Google Maps to locate the house and the possible places that you are going to visit, from tourist attractions, supermarkets, and shopping centers, among other places of interest; you can also establish safe routes, bus stops, etc.

Likewise, if you like to rest without disturbing noise, it is useful to make sure that you do not rent something in areas with a large circulation of cars or areas with bars or a lot of nightlife; you must consider this and other requirements to feel comfortable in what will be your vacation home during your visit in Mexico.

2. Don’t be scammed, look for references

Sometimes you may search on the internet and find photos of a very nice house at a very good price; and when you contact the host to rent it, they ask you to transfer a non-refundable deposit to book the place.

Be careful with that, as it is a possibility of fraud; if you do not know the place where you are going to vacation, the ideal option is that you book through a platform like Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking, or any OTA that guarantees your reservation and have some support and offer you some type of security.

And if you can get referrals or recommendations, that’s even better! Tripadvisor and Google are two good options to get recommendations, give them a try! If you book through Airbnb a good option is to check the host’s reviews and comments.

On the other hand, certain data allow you to identify fraud when looking for vacation homes, for example very cheap prices compared with other options in the same area, excess of amenities for a low price, demands for high-value deposits with insistence, etc.

On the other hand, some hotels have also rental homes or apartments that can be very well adjusted to your idea of ​​a vacation home and thus considerably reduce the risk.

3. Among your vacation rental options, think about the availability of transportation

A lot of times it happens that we find a nice house at a very good price with details that make it very attractive to enjoy an incredible stay, but we do not consider the location and access to other places of interest that you may want to visit.

Here you should analyze if your idea is to rent a car, use a taxi, use local transportation, etc., and you should consider the extra costs, if it has a garage, if it is a safe area to take taxis at night or if there is public transportation available nearby and until what time it circulates, among other related issues depending on the means of transport chosen.

To this, add the distances and times involved in the transfer, in addition to the number of people that must be mobilized.

4. Ensure the services that will be available during your stay

Although it may sound a bit obvious, it is necessary to confirm that everything shown in the photos and the necessary services will be available when you occupy the house.

The photos may show a beautiful pool but make sure is enabled for your arrival, confirm the availability of the heating in cold places or the air conditioning, the cable service, gas, hot water, etc.

The reality is that you decide what you need to have an excellent stay and that is why it is necessary to be clear with what you are going to hire; there are many services that you can assume are included, but if there is no confirmation of this in writing, then you will not be able to claim.

Another suggestion at this point is that if you go with children, you should take into account the security measures of the house, in the case of swimming pools, stairs, accesses, etc.

It may also be necessary and useful to take photos of the property when you enter and review the place with the host, that way you can avoid having to pay later for any damage made during the stay before your entry.

Lastly, don’t take the rental agreement lightly, you must read carefully what you are going to sign.

5. Keep the dates in mind and decide when to book

Many times the rule is to book as soon as you decide your destination if you do this with time you have more possibilities to find a good place at a better price… However, this is something relative because it depends on the chosen place for vacation and when you want to visit it.

Surely if it is a tourist site, for high season dates (holidays and vacations), it will have very little availability, so it is advisable to book in advance and take all precautions to reserve without being a victim of fraud.

In case the chosen place and the date are not in high demand, you can also choose to do some research and select several properties that you can visit upon arrival at the destination (if possible); so you can make the best decision, once you have seen with your own eyes all the alternatives.

This last option is somewhat tedious and may require renting a car, but if you are a demanding person, it is worth putting it into practice to be sure you book a place that you really like.

If you are very relaxed and you like to improvise, you can try to reach the destination and find your best option among the vacation homes offered by individuals or by real estate agents in the zone… It all depends on you and your tastes.

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