Glamping in Mexico: Discover the Best Destinations

If you like to be in contact with nature, discover different proposals, practice outdoor sports and enjoy sustainable tourism, you will surely be interested in knowing that a new way of resting in unique natural environments has emerged…

The proposal is to encourage the old practices of going camping, but without depriving yourself of the services and amenities of a hotel, with the comfort and luxury standards that guarantee that your trip is a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is the product of two words, Glamor and Camping; a new concept that, for some years, has emerged as an alternative for those who love camping and nature, but want to enjoy them with greater comforts, luxury and first-class services.

With this proposal, travelers can enjoy their rest days in a tent or tent in the middle of nature, but with the differentiating factor that prioritizes luxury and comfort.

You will find options in the mountains, on the beach, others in the jungle or the forest, and also some in the desert, all interesting alternatives to discover a new way of traveling.

The idea is to provide elegant and comfortable spaces so the vast majority of destinations offer a variety of tents that, in the same way as a hotel room, vary in price concerning size, location, services and amenities.

What are the advantages of doing Glamping?

Talking about the advantages of Glamping is relative since it will depend on the personal tastes of the traveler, however, we can mention some from our point of view and in a general way:

  1. Perhaps the most evident advantage of this practice is the closer contact with nature; the possibility of enjoying the sounds of the environment day and night, breathing fresh air, and admiring the beauty of spaces without human intervention, among many other surprises that nature has to offer.
  2. Another of the most outstanding benefits of this type of stay is to enjoy open spaces and therefore something more “safe” in these times of pandemic; of course, the care will depend on one, but the constant circulation of air is almost guaranteed.
  3. We can also mention as an advantage the fact of experimenting and learning new activities related to ecotourism or sustainable tourism. In this sense, it is also worth mentioning how useful it is to live this experience with children and teach them to enjoy natural surroundings, in addition to caring for the environment, among other lessons that will be of great value to their lives.
  4. Added to the above, going glamping on your vacation can have certain advantages concerning the times; although it all depends on the place chosen, most places offer very relaxed environments and the possibility of being free in terms of time is an option.
  5. One more advantage worth mentioning is the possibility of enjoying outdoor activities; in general, places where glamping is done often offer ideal settings to implement activities such as kayaking, bicycle rides, hiking, trekking, bonfires, sightings, etc.

Glamping in Mexico: the best destinations

Practicing Glamping in Mexico is a very good idea, the breadth of its territory allows you to find some of the most beautiful places to enjoy a luxury camp; in fact, there are alternatives on the beach, in the mountains, in the jungle, in an environment surrounded by vineyards and also in the desert… Surprising, isn’t it?

That is why, to give you a little more information about the destinations, we will mention some cities and the proposals that you can find:

Monterrey, one of the beauties of Glamping in Mexico

Glamping Hideout: it is a proposal only for adults, ideal to enjoy a stay in a bubble from where you can admire the beauty of the mountain; it also has a telescope, and a portable sauna bath, among other unique amenities and services.

Baja California

Glamping Campera, Baja California: a glamping option in Mexico in a vineyard area of Valle de Guadalupe; relax in a bubble with luxury and comfort, ideal for resting and pampering yourself with its attractive culinary proposal.

Baja Camp – Espiritu Santo Island: offers a unique possibility on a beautiful uninhabited island, with a capacity for a maximum of 10 people between adults and children, it is ideal for lovers of sea activities.

Cuatro Cuatros – Ensenada: another charming place in an environment of vineyards and less than 2 km from the sea; with luxury amenities, it offers tents with fireplaces, with a capacity of 2 to 5 people and with access to a beach club; the perfect alternative to glamping in Mexico.

Gypsy Canyon – Todos Santos: a nice option for large families since it has 8 tents available in the middle of the desert, just 10 minutes from the city, with luxury amenities, and an outdoor kitchen, among other services to enjoy.


Tendo Glamping Tepoztlán: an attractive option for families with children and to enjoy outdoor activities such as zip-lining, swimming pool, kayak, playground, as well as very comfortable tents to rest comfortably with all the comforts.

Las Estacas Glamping: located in the Natural Park of the same name, it offers 25 luxury tents surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, with the possibility of taking a walk to the river, ordering a basket with food for a picnic, enjoying an afternoon of outdoor movies free and even a campfire for you and your partner.


Igloos in Huasca Sierra Verde: a nice proposal to enjoy a few days off in a complex with a wide variety of alternatives to relax, play sports and have fun; well-equipped and comfortable tents for up to 4 people.


Harmony Glamping Hotel: when it comes to camping in style in paradise, in the center of Tulum and a few minutes from the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you find that enchanting place; whether you travel with your family, partner, or friends, you will enjoy it.

Nativus – Tulum: waking up in a tent surrounded by the jungle, steps from a cenote and a few minutes from the sea, is the proposal of this beautiful place for adults only; with activities such as yoga, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, etc., it will be an incredible rest alternative.


El Jabalí Sierra Gorda: an experience for lovers of adventure and nature, this site offers 6 luxury safari-style cabins in the vicinity of the Extoraz river canyon, next to the mountain and which you access after a four-wheeler ride.


Akumal Natura Glamping: stay in the middle of the Mayan jungle, in a hotel with an animal conservation center, with two cenotes, a few minutes from the beach and the turtle sanctuary, with the possibility of fully resting or even practicing coworking, in addition to relaxing in well-equipped stores, it is an ideal proposal.


Picocanoa Rodavento: located in Jalcomulco, it offers you to discover its glamping concept focused on couples, with luxury tents and a variety of activities for all tastes, from canyoning and rafting to spa, meditation, bonfires, with a pool, restaurant and others services designed for your comfort.

Campeche, is also an option for Glamping in Mexico

Hacienda y Glamping La Carlotta: it is a boutique hotel with luxury tents with impressive views of the Edzná ruins, they have air conditioning and a bathtub; in addition to that you can enjoy its pool and encourage you to walk around the area.

This list of 14 glamping options in Mexico are just a few examples of how wonderful this experience can be; with this, we want to encourage you to enjoy this practice and once you get to know it, tell us how it went with this new way of traveling.

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